2018 lessons and 2019 promises

The year 2018 was a year of breakthroughs for me. The first real job, first time on a plane, first time exploring the world a little further. There were a lot of firsts this year (negative as well). Sometimes I feel that I’m repeating some lessons and that every time I deal with one, it comes right back, a little bit harder to deal with. I think it’s because you level up and so everything gets harder, but you’re also better at dealing with it. In 2018 I’ve learnt quite a bit and promised myself I’d get even better at it.

2018 lessons and 2019 promises:

1. prioritise myself

There will always be people who will need something from you: your talents, kindness, time, a favor. It’s important you value your time and energy to not allow them to exploit you indefinitely. They’ll get over that “no”. You’ll get over it too, even if it will be hard the first (couple of) time(s). If they won’t be able to get over it, you’re not their therapist to help them, it’s their job. It’s important you put yourself in the first place. A little bit of selfishness is healthy.

2. go out of my comfort cone

Say that “yes” you’ve been wanting to say for a long time. Even if you’re scared of failing. Accept that new task and do your best. It will be enough. Go on a nice trip. Do what you’ve been promising yourself for a long, long time. Try something new. Try doing the same thing differently. You’ll see: usually it gets you great, unexpected results and a sense of accomplishment.

3. listen to my intuition

I know the whole list seems like a collection of clichés, but I really do recommend occasionally listening to your intuition. It makes your life easier, because you can avoid hypocrites (or at least watch your back), wrong decisions, bad offers. 10/10 do recommend! If you don’t know how to “listen to your intuition” works, it’s pretty straight-forward: you sit somewhere quiet, you ask yourself some questions and listen for that hunch. Or just google it. It gets easier every time.

4. trust myself

This one goes with the previous one. I’d like to believe in my talents and my ability to use them more. Trust in that little voice that says “you’ve got this” and not the one that says “give up, you know nothing, everybody else is better”.

5. let go

This one is the hardest: Let go and trust that everything will be just okay. Without stressing or getting overwhelmed about the result. Whatever will be, will be and you’ll face it when it’ll be. Not any minute sooner. Stressing about it never helped, it just made you anxious.

6. open up and keep a distance

It’s an art in itself: find out which people can be trusted and give them a chance by opening up to them, being vulnerable with them. Also finding out which people are not trustworthy and keep your distance, even though they are trying to convince you otherwise with sweet-talking and empty promises. I know, it’s a an ongoing lesson, but you’ve got it!

What about you? Did you accomplish something you’re proud of in 2018?

Till next time,

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