Female Friendship

A female friendship is a special kind of relationship. It could be very light and cheerful or deep and full of drama. Usually it’s something in between and a little bit of everything. When you choose wisely and filter up the toxic people from your life, you are blessed with an emphatic, loving and trustworthy friend.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus and as such we are different as the Moon and the Sun. We think different, we act different, we have different needs and wants, and we rely mostly on intuition and emotions, rather than logic.

Female friendship is an emotional support system for any woman (or man if he allows to open up) where you can get advice, have a shoulder to cry on, lend a listening ear or boost self-esteem. It’s supposed to be a safe space, where you are understood and validated. A space where you can give/get relationship and breakup advice, share deep secrets with each other, as well as our beauty routine, favourite products, honest opinion if something really suits you (be honest girl!) and a place where you can tell each other when you have salad stuck between your teeth or lipstick smudged on your chin.

When we get together we can talk about our sex lives, relationships, family drama and things that are bothering us (but would never tell anyone else). When guys get together they rarely talk about anything like this.

We could love our boyfriends/husbands/lovers deeply and share everything with them, but a female friendship is a whole nother beast. There is nothing like a conversation with someone who understands you deeply and has been through similar experiences.

Female friendships help us be more confident with ourselves and our decisions, vent safely, be silly, act a little crazy and emotional without judgement and most importantly; it helps us feel more ourselves.

So thank you ladies for being there for me!

Till next time,

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