Visiting Bangkok, Thailand

The last part of our trip to Thailand was spent visiting Bangkok. We’ve heard it’s a nice place to party and to stay. It’s also a great starting point to go to different cultural heritage spots, if you love to discover hidden gems.

If you want to read part one or two, check here for Visiting Phuket and here for Visiting Thailand – food edition.

Since it was our last days in Thailand, we were preparing to go back home and didn’t try to discover Bangkok as much as we were Phuket. Also it was a huge cultural shock coming from Phuket to Bangkok, as the chaos was once again order and it was really weird. I was starting to love the chaos of Phuket.

We wanted to go to the Floating market(s), but some of them were open only on the weekends and for the biggest one you had to start very early (and pay a hefty taxi fare) so we were already late for that. Also a lot of shops and spots don’t open until 10 in the morning, so keep that in mind when visiting Thailand.

So what we actually did in Bangkok? For our last days in Thailand we mainly sunbathed, swam in the pool, took pictures, got foot massages & a manicure, went shopping, tried local cuisine and searched for my “just like at home” coffee to no avail. But for more about our food aventures check in my Visiting Thailand – food edition.

We did manage to visit one Wat (temple) in Bangkok, the most famous shopping street and tried the “tourist trap jewelry shop” as well.

Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple)

The Marble Temple was charming. Of course it was full of tourists, but if you go very early (before 9 o’clock) you have more chances of being alone. This is a gorgeous temple, full of different statues of Buddha from various countries and timelines.

When visiting Bangkok make sure you stop at at least one as it’s an experience for itself.

What do I suggest you to do in Bangkok? Well it depends: if you are a party person, go check out all the best party places, if you love culture it’s great to check all the different temples and floating markets or just do something from this list of Top 10 Bangkok.

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