Visiting Budapest

Have you ever been to a city that left you speechless? That seems to happen a lot to me. Actually every time I visit a new city, I fall a little bit in love with it. Budapest has joined on the list of cities that has definitely left me speechless. Even though there were a couple of not-so-pleasant experiences, bad weather and a little bit of Murphy, it was still lovely. But what can you do with Murphy and similar things? It happens on trips and it’s up to you how you react to it and if it ruins your trip/day or it doesn’t.

Well our trip left me with a memory of beautiful architecture, history, art, parks and parties!

Budapest bridge

I confess, I’m not a party person, or at lest that’s what I thought until I partied in Budapest in their ruin bars. A disco on 4 floors with different kinds of music? Old, young and everyone in between partying together ? Can we go again?

In Budapest I discovered that I love a good party, it’s just very important who I party with and what kind of party it is.

So let’s go back to the city. The city is quite big, but you could probably check all the touristy attractions with a bike or on an electric scooter (you could rent it via an app all over the city). The public transport is also a good and economic option. We opted for walking and an hop-on-hop-off bus to get a tourist guide walkthrough when we felt like it.

So what can you do in Budapest?

Actually whatever you wish for. Budapest has almost as many residents as Slovenia and as such, it offers a little bit of everything for anyone. You can visit a lot of different museums and art galleries, walk through parks, admire the amazing architecture and street art.

You can go hiking to the best view above Budapest, or enjoy in the local food and coffee. You could also go to their famous spa or visit the botanical park and zoo. Around Budapest are some proper hills, so if you want to spend a day in nature, you could go for a proper hike or just go for a ride on the cable car to the castle. Whichever option seems best, do whatever you feel like at that moment. You’ll love it!

Budapest view

By what will I remember Budapest?

The boat ride on the Danube river and the view of the Parliament at night, the park by the Castle Vajdahunyad with gorgeous gothic architecture (I’m a huge fan of it) and ruin bars.

What about you? Have you ever visited Budapest? What was your favourite part of it?

Till next time,

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