Visiting Ptuj, Slovenia

Slovenia has a lot of beautiful hidden gems. One of them is definitely the city Ptuj in the northeast part of Slovenia. It has lovely views, good coffee and a whole lotta history.

Do you know Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia? You can feel it when you visit the city centre as you get a feeling of timelessness.

View of Ptuj

I went to visit Ptuj as a short trip. I had a couple of hours and decided to visit the old city centre and the castle.

Ptuj castle

The personal working at the castle were really kind and told me more about its history. The castle is nowadays a museum where you can see a restaurated floor with gorgeous interior and decor. Tully charming and beautiful.  I almost wanted to pretend I was a princess in a big castle.

On the ground floor there is a a really big musical room, where you can try how the organ sounds and see all the different musical instruments from different eras. It’s amazing if you have kids or if you love to play. There is also a weapons room, but I didn’t visit that as I was running out of time. But if you’re into that, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The top floor is a gallery, where you can see the art of that era. It also offers an enchanting view of the courtyard.

Ptuj castle

Visiting the Ptuj caste will take you at least two hours. More, if you like to read everything and love to play with the organ on the ground floor.

After the castle visit, I went for a coffee in the city centre that is 5 min on foot away. The city centre is charming as well. It’s really small, so you can see everything in one afternoon and go for a good coffee and gibanica. So if you have a free day and don’t know what to go visit next, I suggest you go check out Ptuj and spend a couple of hours in it’s centre. It’s definitely a very lovely spent day.

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