Visiting Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is full of great coffee spots, trendy food places and rich cultural heritage.  It is also the  capital and largest city of Croatia.


I was staying in Zagreb for five days and every day I had the afternoon free to do whatever I wanted, while mornings were reserved for my traineeship. I was quite tired, but still managed to squeeze some interesting locations in my stay.

Because I’m the kind of tourist, that likes to visit the “must see” spots and discover the city on my own later, I mostly visited the oldest part of town – the city centre.  If you have a couple of free days to visit Zagreb, I do suggest you go visit the park near the ZOO (and the ZOO as well) and a couple of museums.

The city centre

The city centre is divided into the upper town, where the nobility once lived and the lower town. The upper town offers a lovely view of the whole city and it’s where the most famous church of Zagreb is situated – the church of St. Mark.


While I was staying in Zagreb, I went to see the upper and lower town, the cathedral, all the parks near the Josip Jelačić square, the art park and the botanical garden.

The cathedral is absolutely stunning and it’s been in renovation since forever.

The art park

The art park is a lovely park in the old centre. Unfortunately nothing was happening, but usually it’s full of life and events. In the tunnel next to it was ans art exhibition.

The botanical garden

The botanical garden is definitely a must see and it’s a 5 min walk from the main train station. It’s a public park (that means it’s free) and a place where you can see a lot of interesting plants or just enjoy a moment in a magical place.

As I was staying in the Sopot part of town, I had the park Bundek really close and had to visit it. It is a great spot to walk your dog, go running, do some sports, hang out with friends or just chill.

It really depends what you like to do in a new city or country. If architecture, history and nature is your jam, then this is the city for you. If you love food and good coffee, this is also it for you. But if you love a good place to party? Great spot for it as well. After all Zagreb is a city of 801,349 people, so it has to accommodate different tastes and preferences.  My favourite part of it was beside the lovely people and historical buildings, the abundance of parks through the city. Amazing! Oh, and the good coffee that I was missing in Thailand!

To sum it up, I had a blast and hopefully I’ll visit it once on a purely leisure visit to get to know it a little bit better.

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