What gear I packed for Thailand

I know, if you’re like me, you google everything before you go somewhere for a while. At least that’s what I did. I googled everything. What to expect in Thailand, what kind of traffic do they have, food, water, shops, sights… everything!

I also googled what kind of photography gear should I take with me and if the lenses/gear is cheaper there (it isn’t). But in reality I packed way too much for the amount of time we were in Thailand and for the activities we did.

I took with me my beloved mirrorless camera (and all the cables, chargers and SD card reader):

I actually used my phone for the snapshots and the camera for the posed pictures and bigger trips. I didn’t feel comfortable taking my camera with me on the markets or partying as it was too crowded for me. Honestly, it would probably be fine, as I never felt threatened or not safe, but the paranoid person in me didn’t want to risk it.

Besides, I had my hands full of different kinds of food (for most of the time) at the markets and I barely managed to take some snapshots with my phone. I cannot imagine trying to take nice pictures with shaky and greasy hands full of food.

We went for a little less than two weeks and I didn’t even fill one of my SD cards, but I did manage to fill my phone. What a shame. But it was genius, that we took the laptop with us, as I got to edit a lot of pictures in the evening and I had way less work at home.

So, if you have a chance: take your computer with you and edit your best pictures (or videos) as soon as possible. This way there won’t be thousands of pictures waiting for you when you get back

To sum up, don’t complicate your life with extra gear, if you’re not doing a professional shot (in that case go for it). Take the camera, your favourite lense (or two – you definitely won’t need them all!), a couple of SD cards and extra batteries. Don’t forget the bag for it and you’re good to go.

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