Manca & Tia

The last time I shared a post with pictures of Manca and her dog Lana. Since she was more than happy with them, she wanted some with her other dog as well – Tia. All dog lovers know, that every dog is something special. They each have different personalities, things they like or dislike and specific behaviors.

Tia is an old lady and she knows how to pose. I think she could consider a future as a doggy model. Do you agree? 🙂

It was a lovely sunny day and so we decided to take a few more portrait photos of Manca and Tia as well.

For the end I saved the best: a photo with both dogs (Lana & Tia), because when you go for a walk/photoshooting you definitely should take all the dogs with you, right?


Do you have an aspiring model doggy at home as well?

Till next time,

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