Summer Feeling

I love summer and the first days of summer. I also love those unexpected summer feeling days in the middle of autumn. Since it’s already super chilly here, I wanted to show you one of my latest photo shootings with a summer feeling. This photo shooting was one of those, when you are drinking coffee…

A quickie

After years of collaborations and hanging out we don’t need a lot anymore, to take a few great shots with Nataša. Usually it’s enough a walk through the neighbourhood. These quickie photoshootings are a regular thing for us: drinking coffee, taking pictures, then another coffee and a lot of talking about everything. If there are…

Through the window

Sometimes the mood is right and the inspiration strikes. In this series meet Nataša in a different mood and enjoy these portraits. Till next time,Helena

Manca & Tia

The last time I shared a post with pictures of Manca and her dog Lana. Since she was more than happy with them, she wanted some with her other dog as well – Tia. All dog lovers know, that every dog is something special. They each have different personalities, things they like or dislike and…

Manca & Lana

Some loves are forever. All dog lovers know, that there is no bigger love than the love of a dog. No matter how you look, smell, dress or feel, your dog will find you absolutely perfect. You will always be the centre of the world to your dog. That’s the reason I love photographing dogs…

Last summer rays

Because it’s finally warmer here, I decided to share a few photos from last summer in the hopes of a shorter winter and longer summer. Since summer goes well with the sea and swimsuits, enjoy in this summer vibes post.

A walk with Eva

I believe that beauty comes from within and when a person is beautiful from within, you need very little for a good photo. In this case Eva needed just a bouquet of flowers and a walk in the rain.